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Nucleic Acid Collection and Preservation

A new alternative for swab sample collection: Saliva samples for Covid-19 Analysis

Instead of the painful invasive Swab method, where sampling can only be done by experts, starting with the saliva sample is quite easy and practical. Our partner Norgen Biotek in Canada has optimized the analysis flow for this new methpd and completed the validation of the current gold standard sensitivity and specificity.

Norgen’s optimized workflow (Saliva sample storage / transport tube, RNA isolation kit, PCR kit) facilitates the process and enables us to have analysis without the need to go to any health institution to give samples. Sampling, especially at the points where the epidemic is intense, may cause people to transmit the virus. The viral RNA in the saliva sample remains stable thanks to the protective fluid contained in the product and does not lose quantitative value during transport / waiting time until PCR analysis.

As the authorized distributor of Norgen Biotek products all over the Turkey and Azerbaijan, Letgen Biotechnology is ready to assist you in your research. You can contact us for detailed information.

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