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Animal Health

IDVet was established in 2004 and since then it is a company that has been continuing its way with a very rapid growth, specializing in diagnostic methods, exporting to more than 80 countries, operating as a globally approved and trusted brand. Especially with their experience and activities in ELİSA test kits, IDVET is one of the leading brands. In 2020, IDVet has decided to partner with Letgen Biotechnology. As Letgen Biotechnology, we are honored to be the representative of IDVet products in Turkey.

  • In vitro diagnostic Elisa kits (IDVET)
  • In vitro diagnostic PCR kits (IDVET)
  • DNA and RNA isolation kits (Roche)
  • DNA and RNA automatic isolation systems (Roche – MagnaPure)
  • Primary probe design and synthesis (Tibmolbiol & Microsynth)
  • Probe Master Mix (Roche)
  • One step Probe Master Mix (Grisp)
  • Real Time PCR instrument (LightCycler – Roche)
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Plastic consumables – multiwell plate, pipette tip, centrifuge tube
  • Sanger sequence service
  • NGS