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Drawing attention with its reliable and fast molecular solutions, Letgen Biotech is proud to be one of the most preferred brands with its oligonucleotide synthesis service. Letgen Biotech not only performs primer / probe synthesis but also designs primer / probe in accordance with the wishes and project of the customer, designs the sequence sequences and sends them to Microsynth, a Swiss company, and ensures that the synthesis process takes place there. Microsynth which is a pioneer in oligonucleotide synthesis, synthesize primer/ probe products in 3 days, inside of their accredited laboratory equipped with the latest technology equipment with their 25 years knowledge and ships them to Turkey. Letgen Biotechnology brings the synthesized oligonucleotides to its customers under suitable conditions without waiting. Synthesized oligonucleotides are delivered with quality certificates. The technical personnel of Letgen Biotechnology’s Research / Development team, who are competent in their field, are always ready for any problems that may occur after sales. 

AlexaFluor 350XX 346442
AlexaFluor 430 / 430-dTXXX430545
ATTO 425XX 439485
FAM / FAM-dTXXX495520
ATTO 488XX 500520
Dyomics510XL / 510XL-dTXXX509590
TETX  521536
JOE / JOE-dTXXX522548
Yakima YellowX  530549
ATTO 532XX 532552
HEXX  535556
Dyomics530 / 530-dTXXX539561
Cy3 / Cy3-dTxXX546563
ATTO 550 / 550-dTXXX554576
ATTO 565XX 564590
ROX / ROX-dTXXX576601
Texas RedX  586610
California Red (Texas Red replacement)X  595615
ATTO 590XX 594624
ATTO 620XX 619643
Dyomics630XX 636657
ATTO 647N / 647N-dTXXX646664
Cy 5 / Cy5-dTXXX646662
Methylene Blue (ATTO MB2)XX 668x
Cy 5.5XX 683705
Dyomics681XX 691708
Cy7XX 750773
Dyomics781XX 783800